Spanglish Exchange: Best Language Exchange in Buenos Aires

For exchange students, expats, tourists, and digital nomads alike, Spanglish Exchange in Buenos Aires offers an excellent way to improve your language skills while having fun at the same time.

For only 25 pesos (yes, pesos) you get a drink, snack, and 90 minutes of quality, real practice with a person who is a native speaker of the opposite language (for those of you reading this that would be Spanish).

Attendees are paired, one native English speaker with one native Spanish speaker, and the couples chat for 5 minutes in one language then five in the other, with the idea being that you can not only practice language, but get to know people who are interested in similar things and choose to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps.

Spanglish Exchange has been likened to speed dating for language exchange but it is much more than that. It is language practice, social networking, cultural networking, cultural bridge building and a fun party all wrapped into one. It is an absolute must for anyone spending more than 2-3 nights in Buenos Aires.

In addition, the Spanglish Exchange people have developed their own Spanish school for foreigners dubbed “SpanishCool” (pronounced “Spanish School”… ha!). Clearly, from the name alone one can glean the enthusiasm that founder Maya May has for learning language and culture. Kudos!

by Expat Argentina