My native language isn’t English or Spanish. Can I still attend? 


Many of the travelers who attend Spanglish events in Buenos Aires are French, Swiss, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, etc…If you’re participating as an English speaker, an advanced level of English is necessary however all levels are welcome.


Okay, I’m a little confused. Exactly how do Spanglish events work?


It’s super easy. At check-in you will be assigned a table number. Once the rotation begins, you will sit at that table with a native speaker of the language you wish to practice. After five minutes of conversation (each pair chooses the language it wishes to start in), a coordinator will announce a “language switch.” After five more minutes of conversation in the other language, the coordinator announces a table switch, and it’s on to round two. There’s a 10-minute happy hour break after three rounds, then two more for a total of five rounds. That’s Spanglish!


When are Spanglish events?


On the homepage, click “Find An Event.” Select your city and take it from there.


I’ve taken a class or two, but I’m still a beginner. Will this be a problem?


Absolutely not. Whether you’re perfecting your slang in preparation for a trip or you just want to make sure you can count from 1-10 correctly, Spanglish is a place where people of all levels can practice with a native speaker.


The last time I went to an event, I was placed at a table with two other people. Why?


In an ideal world, Spanglish events would always have a perfect one-to-one balance of English and Spanish speakers. Sometimes, we have a few more Spanish speakers or English speakers at an event. So you might have a few rounds with two other people instead of one. But the events work exactly the same way and we’ve never had any complaints. Remember that it’s not a class – it’s a social event!





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