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Get to know the language activities that you can carry out in your company/institute and foster the language exchange.

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Spanglish Trivia


What is it?

It is a bilingual question and answer game in which there are foreigners and locals playing together in different teams.


How does it work?

Each team is made up of foreigners and locals. There are 5 trivias with ten questions each (five in Spanish and five in English). A bilingual coordinator asks the questions about topics like sports, culture, shows, linguistic details, geography and science.

Each team scores points with the right answers. The winner can challenge the other team risking all the points. The challenge includes some forfeits and there is a prize for the final winner.

Spanglish by Acting


Whait is it?

It is an intercultural theatre class where participants learn how to improvise in English and Spanish.


How does it work?

A theatre teacher and a bilingual coordinator show how to improvise and then guide the participants to represent different life situations in both languages.

Spanglish by Dancing (Ritmos Latinos)


What is it?

It’s a dancing lesson with Latin Rhythms (salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, cuarteto)


How does it work?

A bilingual instructor gives a brief explanation of each rhythm (origin, common lyrics, popular singers, etc) and shows the basic steps with some videos. Then, the instructor teaches the participants how to dance three or four of the rhythms, both individually and in pairs, with choreographies of the latest songs. You can see some pictures from the previous events in the video below.

Spanglish Kids for institutes!!


If you have students under age 18, Spanglish kids is ideal for you! We organize an event in your own institute with activities and games so your students have the opportunity to interact with native speakers.

Spanglish Away


If the bars where we organize Spanglish are far away from you, Spanglish goes to your institute.

If you are interested in any of our activities or you have a question, contact us via email or call us. You can also fill this form and we will contact you very soon.