About us

Spanglish Exchange, with events en Argentina, Spain and Us, has grown to a community of over 18,000 people since it’s inception en 2008. A rare combination of nightlife and education; our events pair native spanish speakers with native english speakers in a series of conversations. The first to match multiple lenguage learners in a single event, we streamline the traditional language exchange, linking cultures, one conversation a time.

Spanglish Exchange participants are an eclectic group of students, professionals, expats, government employees and travelers. But most importantly, the relationships that begin at SE events continue on wherever individuals’ travels take them.



Study Abroad Program Advisors:

4 Easy Ways to help your students connect

  • Organize off-site activities with their host country peers – early and often.
  • Verbally encourage interaction with the host culture.
  • Provide students to see an international working environment and even achieve an internship.
  • Encourage students to participate in local language exchanges or organize one for them.

Special Events for the Study Abroad Industry and Universities.

Spanglish Exchange events have already been applied to several study abroad programs in Buenos Aires (NYU, IFSA Butler, SOL Abroad). This has improved the students experience and satisfaction with the program yielding to an increase in the amount of students enrolled. Be part of the experience that is changing the way languages are learnt all over the world while developing your students into a self-motivated, independent individuals, willing to embrace challenges, and able to cope with diverse problems and situations.